DOCU-STACK 4       

This page targets Collections pertaining to Single Authors, Personalities & Works. Since the other docu-stacks link a number of single author sites, I was hesitant about creating this one. However, I found it quite difficult, where at all possible to locate these within the larger collections, and some of these sites are as extensive as some of the smaller multi-author or multi-topic collections. It is expensive and time consuming to produce, host and keep track of digital documents. Thus, some of these sites will disappear, though I have tried to pick among those which appear to be stable. However, I am constantly looking for new collections. Since our shelving system will be evolving toward something less primitive and more intuitively researchable, I will occasionally break a multi-topic site into its logical components. You will note that in the DOCU-STACKS, our links are set to display URLs. Here is our entire stack list, linking library patrons to nearly a million and a half online documents.

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